Ines Moreno

Spain | Presentation of the research program for the technics of the marble, garden of sykia

Ines Moreno has been working in situ at Pyrgos Village, examining the regional marble related crafts and techniques in relation to their representations in the Museum of Marble Crafts of Pyrgos. Returning to continue her research in October, she will be working on the intersection of academic and non-academic ways of presenting research based material, through an evolving collection of visual examples, artifacts and diaristic texts.


Inés Moreno is a researcher and visual artist based in Paris. Since graduating in Visual Arts in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she has completed various programs related to choreography and performance including “ex.e.r.ce” at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier (France) and a MA from the Dance Department of the Université Paris VIII, as well as participating in the post-graduate program in contemporary art history and visual culture at the Centre of Studies at Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid. She’s currently working on a practice-based PhD at EnsadLab/PSL Research University and EHESS (Advanced School for Social Sciences) in Paris.

Project description

My research project focus on the visibility regimes of the technique and in particular, of embodied technical know-how within an exhibition context. It seeks to explore the critical potential of the exhibition as a medium for putting into perspective the technical gestures outside their initial realm of production. Taking into consideration the theatrical dimension of the exhibition space, it will examine the specificity of its role to activate, experiment and redefine the links between technique, aesthetics and society. In the frame of this residency, I would like to propose a intensive fieldwork focusing on the technical and material knowledge embedded in objects, and in the relationships between the craft practices, the gestural and sensitive activities, the skilled use of tools and the active role of matter.