Nikos Kostopoulos and Vicki Ziogas

Greece | Visual installation, Sykia Garden

Nikos Kostopoulos and Vicki Ziogas presented a visual installation in the garden of Sykia using audio, objects and video. These were part of the results of their research into the relationship between fire and the evolution of narrative art through the tradition of the Vegaera that was carried out during the residency. Their research was conducted through a fairy-tale workshop with a group of 5th graders from Tinos Primary School, discussions with Falatados residents and personal tours in the light of a lantern in Tinos’ landscapes and old Tinian stories.


Nikos Kostopoulos (b. 1982, GR) is an audio-visual artist researching interaction and participation in art and in the public space. Combining new media and performative techniques, he is making work with social content, aiming to raise questions and discourse. He has an integrated Master in Forestry and Natural Environment (A.U.TH., GR) and a MA in Photography (AKV|St.Joost, NL)

Viki Zioga (b. 1987, GR) is an artist-educator investigating the potential of collective learning and art-making in social transformation. She creates and facilitates frameworks for collective encounters to reflect on the politics of listening and audibility, and the conditions that found and sustain a community. She has a BA(Hons) in Pedagogy (A.U.TH., GR) and a MEd in Art (Piet Zwart Institute, NL)

Nikos & Viki collaboration initiated in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2017 and it was fuelled by their common interest and research regarding socially-engaged art and the future forms of public art. Combining their different perspectives, skills and disciplines they work together in formulating participatory projects that use artistic research and collaborative methods and often lead to the creation of communal artworks.
During the residency period they will investigate the relationship between the element of fire and the act of communicating and narrating in a project with the working title “veggera”. Nikos & Viki will collaborate with local groups to study the rich tradition of folk tales on the island and create a new one, based on current and future ecological concerns and their relationship with the natural environment.