Liv Grunnet and Marie Skovgaard

Denmark | performance, Lighthouse Papargyras

Liv Grunnet and Marie Skovgaard presented a long-lasting performance by testing the limits of body strength. On the roof of the Livada Lighthouse, following the horizon line they walk one another and leave their weight on each other in a regression that lasts from the arrival of the first visitor to the departure of the last visitor.


KIM.CAPPI is a performance duo based in Copenhagen. They seek to explore the transformative potential in the encounter of two bodies, a given space and time.
Through long-durational and site specific performances they rely on each other to transcend the point of total exhaustion and exposure of vulnerability. In 2018 the collaboration started in a fjord in the east of Iceland and since then they have produced various performances. Their latest work ‘0’ consisted of their bodies circulating in a square filled with black granite sand for the duration of 12 hours. In the face of a burning planet they fight for a fundamental reconnection to our surroundings and each other. By implementing repetition, rigorous dogmas and endurance into their work, masks will fall and egos dissolve.

A short description of our project:

“We are our own ruins, and time is our acid. Everything is touched by time and therefore eventually altered and transformed. An encounter with fire will do the same.” Through a physical, site specific performance in the landscape of Ismael Village KIM.CAPPI will embody the paradox of two forces, that both fire and the ruins of Ismael contain; dissolution and persistence.